Nearly every home is filled with multiple Internet connected devices. That’s why you should upgrade your home with the Ultimate Triple Play to fit your family’s growing technology needs.

The Ultimate Triple Play includes a fast Internet speed with unlimited data, HD cable TV with a DVR, and local phone service with 1,000 long distance minutes.

The 70 Mbps x 30 Mbps Internet speed allows several people in your home to watch TV over the Internet at the same time. This speed also offers a quick upload for security cameras, gaming or working from home. Since all Alliance Internet plans include unlimited data, you’ll never have to worry about expensive overage bills.

Plus, you’ll receive a variety of cable channels to fit everyone’s interests. Catch live sports on multiple HD channels along with live news and weather. And the FREE DVR allows you to record those shows you just can’t miss.

Don’t forget every home needs a reliable phone connection, especially if your kids are ever home alone. Unlike cellular service, Alliance’s phone service gives you pinpoint location technology when dialing 911, which is critical during emergencies.

Now when you sign up for the Ultimate Triple Play, you’ll receive FREE installation! **

Get the Ultimate Triple Play today by dialing 611 from any phone with Alliance service or call 605-582-6311 from your cell phone.

Click here for full details on the Ultimate Triple Play and Alliance’s other bundles.

*The advertised monthly price does not include federal, state, city and other regulatory fees. There also is a monthly retransmission fee of up to $12.51, which is remitted to the local ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX affiliates. The Ultimate Triple Play is available to residential customers.

**The free install offer includes a maximum of the following: three cable TV jacks, one internet jack, one phone jack, ONT box, central office wiring, wire termination, termination block, splitter, trip order charge, initial order charge and service order charge. Alliance will not install free jacks the customer does not intend to use at installation time. Cable TV DVRs and set-top boxes remain the property of Alliance Communications and must be returned if the service is cancelled. Any unreturned equipment will be billed to the customer at a cost of $300/DVR and $200/set-top box.